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Southern Water Repairs to Private Sector Laterals

You will know that the Pan Parish Forum1 (PPF) has been working with Southern Water (SW) to reduce inundation into their infrastructure and thereby reduce tankering and over-pumping. SW has done some helpful work in recent weeks surveying and repairing the public pipes that they own; there’s a second phase of this work planned for early in the New Year.

The privately-owned laterals – those that serve yours’ and my home – are also a significant part of the problem and the PPF has been pressing SW to address the issue. Their plan is laid out in this email that has now been circulated by SW to their customers (it may have been delivered this week). In the view of your PC, the SW initiative makes sense and, by providing a letter of introduction to the contractors undertaking the work (available here) includes safeguarding measures to prevent unauthorised access.

Your Parish Council (PC) urges you to work with SW by allowing access for them to survey your laterals and to consider your roof drainage arrangements.

In a joint statement Chair of Amport PC Chris Harris and Chair of Monxton PC Mike Cleugh said:

‘We urge our parishioners to support this important initiative by SW, which will play its part in reducing the inundation of SW’s infrastructure. With other measures, it should cover the next groundwater season reduce the need for water tankers and all the disruption they cause, and over-pumping that pollutes Pillhill Brook. It also makes business sense for SW to invest in this way, to reduce their operational costs, not least of tankering.’

If you have any questions or concerns, SW’s local representative Glenn McCubbin (Big Glenn, as some of us call him), has agreed that you can contact him directly on 07429 100654. Alternatively, you can contact SW’s Customer Care line on 0330 303 0223.

Tim Grimshaw, Councillor Amport PC and PPF Secretary 14 Dec 21

1. The Pan Parish Forum comprises Southern Water, the Environment Agency, Hampshire County Council Highways and the Chairs of the seven Parish Councils most affected by SW’s activity in our area (Amport, Monxton, Thruxton, Upper Clatford, Abbots Ann, Quarley and Kimpton) and meets quarterly.

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