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Southern Water (SW) have now completed the Tubogel lining of private sewer pipes in Kimpton. This was delayed by the cold weather we experienced before Christmas; Tubogel cannot be applied in temperatures below 5 ⁰C. Work now moves on to the Parish of Fyfield and is scheduled to take approximately 12 weeks to complete.

With groundwater season now upon us we are all keen to see what effect the relining work SW has completed so far will have on groundwater infiltration. In reality, SW has not finished relining the public sewers and has only just started their Tubogel programme so perhaps we cannot expect to see much change this year. However, what we can expect is better information and response times from SW regarding infiltration. This is because SW is deploying a suite of remote monitoring devices across their sewer network to help predict problem flows.

In December’s issue, we spoke about the monitoring devices SW planned to install across their network. I can report that the following devices are now in place: (1) flow monitors at each water pumping station to give advanced warning of rising fluid levels, (2) 3 boreholes at Stanbury Road, Mullens Pond and Monxton Water Pumping Stations – measuring actual groundwater levels in our valley for the first time. Local volunteers will be taking measurements at these boreholes every week until remote telemetry can be installed, (3) 60 sewer level monitors – fully operational in March and (4) 26 temperature sensors – groundwater is cold and unexpected drops in temperature can help pinpoint infiltration. Together these devices will be a crucial part of evaluating the effectiveness of SW’s relining programme in tackling groundwater infiltration.

Unfortunately, we will see tankers back in the area either in support of Tubogel work or as an essential backup to the pumps at Water Pumping Stations. However, as it is SW’s objective to completely line the public and private sewer network from East Cholderton northwards by the end of 2023 it will be this time next year that we can hope to see a significant reduction of infiltration and tankers.

If you would like more information on the work being undertaken in your village by SW please contact your Parish Council.

Janet Wright
Secretary to the Pan Parish Forum

The Pan Parish Forum is made up of representatives from Kimpton, Thruxton, Fyfield, Amport, Monxton, Quarley, Abbotts Ann and Upper Clatford Parish Councils. Together the Forum is working with SW to represent residents’ best interests.

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