(last updated 12 November 2021)

This sixth update describes plans, progress and issues since 17 October, when the last brief was posted.

SW’s surveys and repair work continues, as the groundwater season approaches. SW completed the repairs to the main at Little Ann Bridge, disrupting traffic on roads in the Parish for two days. The Record of the Pan Parish Forum (PPF) has been completed and the actions list updated and both circulated. We had the first substantive discussion on the development of the Infiltration Reduction Plan (IRP – the regulatory framework for SW’s Ops in the Fyfield water catchment area). The PPF’s representative briefed Kit Malthouse, our local MP, on PPF progress.

We have seen reasonable progress against agreed actions:

We continue to work with SW to get better visibility of their plans:

The principal outstanding issue is SW’s proposals for sealing laterals of private properties, a necessary addition to reducing inundation of public pipes, is still not fully articulated. SW has no responsibility or rights or powers to access private drainage – a critical part of the enabling activity will be to get an agreement with the owners of the properties.

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