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Amport House was purchased in 2020 by Another Place, a hotel group that intends to run an iconic and rural, 50–room hotel in Amport. It will be adult-focussed but family-friendly.

The hotel will work with the local community, and it intends to apply for planning permission during summer 2021. The aim is to begin construction in November 2021 and be open for Christmas 2022 – all subject to Covid issues.

The hotel management stresses that the capacity will be no different from the Armed Forces Chaplaincy previously located there when the site is developed.

The Parish Council will advise and consult affected residents as soon as the planning application has been finalised.


We are pleased to share the link to the plans that are proposed by Another Place, The Garden Hotel, Amport. It may give you a better idea of what is planned.

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  1. From Brian Topping.
    I have attended Amport House when it was the Chaplaincy H.Q. from about 1971 until fairly recently as a serving airman to 1983 as well as a Christian support organisation as (AFCLU) Air Force Christian Link Up and then (AFCU) Armed Forces Christian Linkup. I would like to see a place like that tastefully used for a role that reflects it’s possibilities as a Hotel. It Would help keep the Village alive. I am aware that a as member of Logistic and Transport member of Chartered Institute of Logistic and Transport how villages such as yours has lost it village store a bus service which used to run 6 days a week now only runs Monday to Friday. At least the Village Church and School was functioning when I last visited, but many villages have lost even these service

  2. This is a comment about Amport House, which I now understand is back on the market – Another Place having decided to develop a site elsewhere. Hampshire Gardens Trust is very concerned about the preservation of the garden area with its Gertude Jeykell and Lutyens designed areas of the Gardens, as well as the long, pleached lime walks. The Jeykell and Lutyens areas of garden appeared to be preserved in the Another Place plan and our concern over the the plan for the Gardens in their application for planning permission, mainly concerned the pleached lime walk, which it was proposed to remove and replace with totally unsuitable, flowering cherry.
    Although the lime walks are not thought to be designed by either Lutyens or Jeykell they are undoubtedly now very fine and of much importance to the Gardens. With only one gardener, the Gardens were already in decline before the Chaplaincy left and the property put on the market the first time. I imagine they have deteriorated considerably since. Is there any known way of a visit being made to view their present state? Any assistance in this would be very welcome. Janet Hurrell for Hampshire Gardens Trust

  3. I am very sorry to hear that Another Place is not going to convert Amport House into a hotel.. I did my national service there 1958-60, and was billeted just over the road where the riding school now is. However i spent a number of hours as duty receptionist in amport house from 6pm to midnight and had to stand up and greet the officers as they came in with … good evening sir or good evening My greatest achievement was when i was asked (paid) to run the record player at the A ir Marshals dance and at the end of the evening i had to put on God save the Queen i put the wrong side on and i had a 100 officers standing to attention to the prince of wales march. Fortunately they saw the funny side and were convulsed with laughter. However i had a really enjoyable time at amport and was looking forward to a weekend there with my wife in the near future. Sadly it seem this will not happen

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