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Parish Council Agenda November 15th 2021


There will be an ordinary meeting of Amport Parish Council at 7.30 pm on Monday 15th November 2021 at Monxton & Amport Village Hall. All Councillors are requested to participate. Members of the public are welcome to join the meeting

Heather Bourner-

Clerk to Amport Parish Council 01264 773976

1) Apologies for absence

2 Declarations of interest

3) Public participation

4) Co-Option of new Councillor

5) Minutes and matters arising

6) Specific reports

7) Update regarding Southern Water project

8) Update on Solar Farm proposal

9) Avenue of Trees

10) Fibre to the Premises

11) Clerk’s report

12) Defibrillators

13) Finance

14) County & Borough reports

15) Planning

TVBC decisions

20/02738/FULLN-erect 3 Bed house, Two Hoots, Dauntsey Lane -permission

21/02629/VARN-variation of approved application 2-5 Amesbury Road, Weyhill- permission

21/02495/VARN-alterations of garage & installation air source heat pump-Georgia farm Buildings-permission

21/02390/TPON- tree works Rivendell, The Limes- consent

21/02643/AGNN- application to determine if prior approval required-create reservoir- prior app required

21/02542/CLPN- lawful development certificate re erection of garage-Hillside Farm, Midddlecot- certificate issued

21/02377/FULLN- alterations to garage roof, windows, door, porch, garden room & dining room- Bramley, Dantsey Lane-permission.

Agreed between meetings

21/03059/CLEN- lawful development certificate use land as residential garden- Brad Meadow- no objections

To review the following applications:

21/03169/FULLN-construct two timber towers & erection of a sheltered area in corner of two existing buildings for a classroom-The Hawk Conservancy

21/03190/CLPN- application for lawful development certificate-side extension Hillside farm, Middlecot

16) Correspondence

17) Any other business

18) Date of next meeting 7.30 pm Monday 15th November 2021

2 Responses

  1. I can now access all Parish Council agendas but where can I find the Minutes of each Meeting?
    I am still interested but, like many in the parish, not fully at ease with the web generally.

    1. Hi Ian, the Parish Council made the decision to move their section of the website to another location which can be found here:

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