The Easter Trail starts at 10 am on Good Friday and will go on till Easter Monday at 6 pm.

There are two items at each house. 1x in an easy location for under 7’s and 2x in more difficult locations for over 7’s

A few guidelines:

Please do not start before 10 am as not everything will be out.

Please don’t enter properties or gardens as all items can be seen from outside.

Please do not take any items with you – just write them down.

There is no set time or route and can be completed across a couple of days.

To collect a Trail Treat please come to the church on Sunday at 10:30 with your answer sheet.

In total there are 24 houses and 2 bunny searches in the Fen and on Monxton Green

Download your printable map and answer sheet here: 2022_easter-trail

Have fun and enjoy.

Thank you to all who have taken part.

Happy Easter