Amport Village

RAF Amport in the 1950s

‘Amport? Never Heard of it !’ – a Memory of Amport. September 1950. We had just completed our eight weeks of basic training at RAF West Kirby and were all eager to know where our next posting was to be. Against my name was RAF Amport but this raised a problem, no one had a […]

Bequests from the Will of the 15th Marquess of Winchester

Augustus Paulet, 15th Marquess of Winchester, was born in 1858. He was educated at Eton and King’s College, London, and succeeded his father to the peerage in 1887. As a major in the Coldstream Guards, he served in the Second Boer War and was killed at Magersfontein, South Africa, on the 11th December 1899, in a battle where the defending Boer force […]

The History of Fleur de Lys

by Ian Morrison When we decided to buy Fleur de Lys in 1968, thinking, like Londoners, that this would be an idyllic rural dream, it took very little time for reality to set in. The vendor, a retired brigadier, had a photograph of his old school on his desk. I volunteered, naively, that I had […]

The History Slot – Questions about a war memorial

At the northern end of Sarson Lane (north of the A303), at its junction with the Amesbury Road, is the war memorial shown here. When I first looked at it many questions flooded into my mind. Some were easily answered: at the top it says ‘THIS STONE WAS ERECTED IN 1902 BY CAPT W FABER […]

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