Public Consultation 8th September 2021 

Lains Farm – Solar Proposal and consultation by Corylus Environmental

“Some of you may be aware of plans to build a new c.22.5MW solar farm at Lains Farm in Quarley (although the site actually sits within Amport Parish); part of the new site would border on the existing 5MW solar installation. The developers, Corylus Environmental in association with Innova Group, submitted a screening application which can be found here ; see also  their consultation site at . As the grid connection is on the corner of Quarley and Thruxton parishes, and construction traffic would primarily affect Thruxton, the three parishes have been working closely together in early discussions with the developers.

The first concern of the parish councils was to mitigate the potential visual impact of the development from local traffic and in particular the views from the ‘one-mile footpath’ running from the top of Haydown Lane by London Lodge to the corner of the Quarley to Bush Farm road. As a result, the developers revised their plan, to remove most of the solar panels from the south-eastern facing slope of the field and have proposed screening near the top of the ridge line [per attached}. We understand that further adjustments to the plans will be incorporated in the final planning application to be submitted post the consultation exercise.

The parish councils are currently seeking to establish what, if any, community benefits might accrue from the development.

Public Consultation

Corylus have arranged two events, one at Monxton and Amport Village Hall, and one at Thruxton, and Quarley parishioners are invited to attend either: they are both on the same day.

The consultation will be in the form of a “drop-in” event with a series of exhibition boards to view, and representatives of the applicant team available to discuss the proposals and answer any questions. The Monxton and Amport Village Hall event will be between 2.00pm and 4.30pm on the 8th September 2021 (then at 5.30pm to 8.00pm at Thruxton).”


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  1. Hello! The links to the consultation aren’t working, but the screening document has also been removed. Is that the end of the consultation?

    1. Hi Jamie, thank you very much for highlighting this. It appears that there was a technical error with the links which we have now fixed.

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