Last week we learned that some of our neighbours had questions/concerns about our Premises License application. We quickly arranged for a local hall and scheduled a public meeting.

On Saturday 28 August our 3 directors met with members of the local community in an informal fashion. In that forum, we learned that much of the concern stems from confusion caused by a few inconsistencies in our Premises License application.

As promised, we have amended our application to clarify the following areas:

The amended application was received and accepted by Test Valley Licensing on Tuesday afternoon.

Operational Plans

It is desired that the brewery and tasting room open four days each week. Proposed hours are Thursday 4-8pm, Friday 4-9pm, Saturday noon – 9pm, and Sunday 1-6pm. We would like to have the flexibility to change days of the week as we seek the ideal days of operation. In the event we changed to another weekday the hours would be the same (4-8pm). When brewing at capacity, which is anticipated in 18-24 months, we may wish to expand to a 5-day schedule using the same hours.

Supply of alcohol Standard days and timings

Both On and Off the Premises

Off the Premises (only)

We anticipate starting slowly and taking time for the business to develop. Selling our product requires an educated/informed customer. For that reason, we must take every opportunity to tell our story and sell our product. Tasting room hours are important, as are any ‘chance’ opportunities to speak to customers. For that reason, we will welcome anyone walking by and popping in while the brewery is manned for standard operations. (1100 – 1600 Mon – Fri and 1100 – 1200 Sat.)

There are no requests for special events or seasonal variations.

If you’d like to be continuously updated on the progress of this application and other brewery news, leave us an email on either our Home or Contact tabs on and ask us to keep you informed. If you’d rather not receive an email, ask us to pop information through your letterbox, or we would be happy to meet you on-site and show you around. Cheers!

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