Amport Parish Council – Annual Parish Meeting Invitation from Chairman Chris Harris

This is an invitation to all residents of Amport Parish to attend an Annual Parish Meeting which will be held at 7pm on Monday 20th  September 2021 at Monxton & Amport Village Hall. This will be the first such meeting for over 2 years, the first since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, and first as Chair of the Council.

It provides an opportunity for us to review the events in the Parish since 2019, to describe the various projects the Council is currently engaged on.  An introduction will also be given to a project to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for this Parish. We will be joined by guest speakers on this topic from TVBC.  An agenda will be provided a week before the meeting. We welcome questions and feedback.

If you wish to attend this event, please contact in order to provide us with an idea of the number of attendees and any questions in advance you might have.

The meeting will be followed by an ordinary meeting of the Parish Council.

Dates for your diary of future meetings – Held in Monxton & Amport Village hall at 7.30pm all welcome.  Agenda’s will be on notice boards and village community website

Monday 18th October 2021, Monday 15th November 2021