The AGM will take place on Tuesday 18th May 2021 in Monxton and Amport village hall starting at 7:30pm the following matters have been placed on the agenda:

  1. Welcome to the meeting and proposals for the Office of Chair
  2. Election of Officers – Vice chair, Planning sub-committee, Footpaths, School Liaison, Fen and Green and Finance sub-committee
  3. Minutes of previous meeting and declarations of interest
  4. Co-option of Diana Stephenson
  5. Principle and Process
  6. Website CH
  7. Communications strategy
  8. Amport House plans
  9. Solar Farm plans
  10. Southern Water pumping / water quality
  11. Superfast broadband
  12. Tree planting legacy
  13. Reports incl.
  1. Planning applications
  1. Finance

Cheques to be signed and internal audit

  1. Chair report
    • New HCC councillor
    • PC training
    1. AOB etc and plans for forthcoming meetings

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