An ordinary meeting will take place on Tuesday 27th April 2021, Via Zoom, Starting at 19:30.

The following matters have been placed upon the agenda:

  1. Apologies/ Welcome
  2. Election of Chair
  3. Minutes of previous meeting and declarations of interest
  4. Issues relating to new clerk / RFO – appointment of committee to handle process and practical questions incl. banking arrangements and new signatories
  5. Consideration of other officer vacancies – vice-chair/ footpath officer and review of other general posts
  6. Potential co-option of Alan Montagu
  7. Principle and Process
  8. Covid 19
  9. Website CH
  10. Communications strategy
  11. Amport House plans
  12. Solar Farm plans
  13. Southern Water pumping / water quality
  14. Superfast broadband
  15. Litter picking
  16. Tree planting legacy
  17. Reports incl. W&Winterbournes
  1. Planning applications
  1. Planning results

17/03318/NMA1 Change to hedgerow retention to planning approved    REFUSE under this application, considered material change – New House above graveyard

  1. Finance incl. approval of y.e. accounts clerk /AM
  2. Chair report
  1. AOB etc and plans for forthcoming meetings incl AGM